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The reboiler manufactured by our company is widely applied in the chemical industry and the ethanol industry. 

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Application and feature
The reboiler manufactured by our company is widely applied in the chemical industry and the ethanol industry. Reboiler makes liquid vaporize again, it is a special heat exchanger capable of exchanging heat and vaporizing liquids simultaneously. ; usually matched with the distillation column; The material expands and even vaporizes after being heated in the reboiler material’s density becomes smaller, thus leaving the vaporization space, returning to the distillation column smoothly.
• High temperature resistance and pressure resistance, and low pressure drop.
• Stress distribution is uniform, no cracking deformation.
• It is detachable, convenient for maintenance and cleaning.

Main specifications and technical parameters
Heat exchange area:10-1000m³
Material: Stainless steel, carbon steel

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