• Green new energy of fuel ethanol booming

Green new energy of fuel ethanol booming

in recent years, straw incineration emits a large amount of air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitric dioxide, and inhaled particulate matter to exacerbate urban haze. Burning straw is prohibited from one of the focus of environmental protection work in recent years. As another culprit, the tail air emissions of the culprit of the haze were also pushed to the cusp. Facing the pollution brought by motor vehicles, it is particularly important to improve the quality of oil.

The “Anhui Ecological Civilization Construction Development Report” released recently shows that the problems and situations faced by air pollution prevention and control during the “Thirteenth Five -Year Plan” period were severe. Relevant experts said that Anhui Province is the earliest province in my country to promote ethanol gasoline and has achieved successful experience. It should take this as the starting point to increase efforts to promote ethanol gasoline in an all -round way to effectively reduce haze.

Promoting car gasoline for car gasoline is at the forefront of the country

Add a certain percentage of fuel ethanol (commonly known as alcohol) to ordinary gasoline, and make car ethanol gasoline. According to national standards, ethanol gasoline is blended with 90%of ordinary gasoline and 10%fuel ethanol. Using this car gasoline, the car does not need to change the engine.

The addition of fuel ethanol has increased the oxygen content in gasoline, making gasoline burn more fully, and reduced the emissions of hydrocarbon compounds, carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide, PM2.5; MTBE is difficult to degrade. When people are exposed to high concentrations of MTBE, it will cause disgusting, vomiting, dizziness and other discomfort); at the same time, the content of aromatics in gasoline is reduced, and secondary PM2.5 emissions can be reduced.

“The development of ethanol instead of gasoline can not only save energy, but also reduce the harmful gas excreted by the car. It is a new issue that is conducive to the protection of the environment and resources.” Qiao Yingbin pointed out that my country has become a major oil importer country. Affected by resources, the contradiction between supply and demand of crude oil is increasingly prominent. On the one hand, car gasoline for vehicles is conducive to alleviating the contradiction between petroleum shortage, and on the other hand, it is conducive to improving the atmospheric environment. Elite for ethanol can reduce the gas pollution of the car by 1/3, while avoiding pollution to groundwater.

A large number of studies have found that, compared with ordinary gasoline, ethanol gasoline can overall emission reduction PM2.5 more than 40%. Among them, the concentration of hydrocarbon compounds (CH) in automobile exhaust fell 42.7%, and carbon monoxide (CO) decreased by 34.8%.

Our province has been closed for more than 10 years since April 1, 2005, which has brought very obvious results in energy conservation and emission reduction since the use of ethanol gasoline. As of 2015, the province used a total of 2.38 million tons of fuel ethanol, 23.8 million tons of ethanol gasoline for vehicles, and 7.88 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Among them, about 330,000 tons of fuel ethanol were used in 2015 to reduce carbon emissions by 1.09 million tons. Promoting car gasoline for vehicles, our province has gone at the forefront of the country.

According to data from the Provincial Public Security Traffic Management Department, at the end of 2015, the province’s motor vehicle ownership was about 11 million vehicles, and the use of ethanol gasoline was equivalent to reducing the exhaust emissions of about 4.6 million motor vehicles, which not only reduced urban haze, but also effectively reduced the effects Emperor greenhouse gases. Since 2015, our province has regarded “continuously reducing the PM10 concentration and striving to reduce haze weather” as a specific requirement for air pollution prevention.
Gastrointestinal grain promotes corn deep processing

In order to digest aging grain, my country entered the actual promotion stage of ethanol gasoline in 2002. Our province is one of the provinces that produce fuel ethanol earlier, and it is also a province for the promotion of ethanol gasoline in the country. At present, the deep processing of corn is at the forefront of the country, and has formed a complete corn procurement, processing, and production of fuel ethanol, and the industrial chain that is closed and promoted in the province. The total amount of corn produced in the province can be processed in the province. The current fuel ethanol output is 560,000 tons, the province’s use in the province is 330,000 tons, and the mixed ethanol gasoline is more than 3.3 million tons. The industry scale ranks among the forefront of the country. It also provides a stable consumer end for local corn digestion.

In the context of the country’s clear multiple measures to digest food inventory and strongly support the deep processing policy of agricultural products, the use of the foundation for the development of the fuel ethanol industry for many years in Anhui Province, and the moderate development of fuel ethanol is one of the paths to solve this problem.

Corn is one of the main grain crops grown in farmers in northern Anhui region in our province. The planting area is second only to wheat. Since 2005, the province’s corn production has increased year by year. China’s statistical yearbook shows that from 2.35 million tons in 2005 to 4.65 million tons in 2014, an increase of nearly doubled. However, in terms of grain collection and storage, high storage is full of storage, and financial pressure is huge. Some experts analyzed that there are more than 280 million tons of national corn inventory, and the annual inventory cost per ton of corn is about 252 yuan, which includes the acquisition cost, custody cost, interest subsidy, which does not include transportation, construction of warehouse capacity, etc. cost. In this way, the cost of corn inventory that the fiscal year needs to be paid for a year will exceed 65.5 billion yuan. It can be seen that corn “destocking” is urgent.

The high inventory has also brought about the decline in corn prices. According to the province’s grain and oil prices monitoring weekly report, the second -class corn wholesale price in early January 2016 was 94.5 yuan/50 kg, and by May 8th, it had fallen to 82 yuan/50 kg. In mid -June, Li Yong, the head of the Huaihe Grain Industry Unite in Laqiao District, Suzhou City, told reporters that the price of corn was priced at 1.2 yuan per catty at the beginning of last year, and the market price is only about 0.75 yuan. Relevant experts from the Provincial Agricultural Committee believe that from the current point of view, as the corn of the main crops, it is necessary to avoid “difficulty selling food”. In addition to multiple measures, in order to prepare for the positioning and increase the collection and storage capacity, it is also necessary to increase the digestive grain production capacity of the downstream processing industry. Ability. As a middle and lower reaches of food, ethanol enterprises can fully drive the grain market. Without affecting the production of food, reasonable digestion of the stock of agricultural products, so that the agricultural supply -side reform can be effectively implemented.

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