• Fuel ethanol: The market is still good for the market to make a good policy.

Fuel ethanol: The market is still good for the market to make a good policy.

Fifteen years ago, in order to digest aging grain and protect farmers' enthusiasm for planting grain, the fuel ethanol industry came into being in my country. Today, history has given the fuel ethanol industry more social responsibility -improve the quality of the atmospheric environment, promote the reform of energy supply side, and the sustainable agricultural development. The external environment has opened a new market window for the industry again. Industry experts said that one of the focus of the "Thirteenth Five -Year Plan" period of the fuel ethanol industry is the commercial operation of cellulose fuel ethanol. Only by policy promotion to the market and technology, can the fuel ethanol industry develop healthily and steadily.

Steady industry

"Unlike other chemical products, my country's fuel ethanol is a product that has national standards and industries. In 2001, my country formulated national standards for transgender fuel ethanol, vehicle ethanol gasoline tuning component oil, and vehicle ethanol gasoline. A series of related policies have also been introduced in the promotion of ethanol gasoline. It is precisely because of standards and policy guidance that my country's fuel ethanol industry can develop from scratch and develop healthily. " In an interview with a reporter from the China Chemical Newspaper.

At present, my country's fuel ethanol industry has begun to take shape, with an annual production capacity of 2.6 million tons. As of now, my country has produced more than 19.8 million tons of fuel ethanol, consuming about 60 million tons of corn (1718, -9.00, -0.52%), which is equivalent to reducing imports of more than 70 million tons of crude oil.

According to Qiao Yingbin, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Energy Administration commissioned third -party to evaluate the promotion of ethanol gasoline for car gasoline at the beginning of this year. Safety and feasibility; at the same time, the pilot promotion work has also achieved the expected goals. In the aspects of pulling agriculture, protecting the environment, and replacing energy, the social, economic, and ecological benefits are significant.

"The fuel ethanol industry not only provides good digestive channels for aging grain, but also has obvious effects on improving the quality of ecological and atmospheric environment. ) The use not only improves the octane value of the gasoline, but also protects groundwater resources. In the future, if the second -generation non -grain cellulose fuel ethanol project is commercialized, carbon dioxide reduction, improve the quality of the atmospheric environment, promote agricultural health for the quality of the atmospheric environment, promote agricultural health Development and protection of national energy security will play a greater role. "Qiao Yingbin said.
Moderate scale expansion

In the "Thirteenth Five -Year Plan for Biomass Energy Development" released by the National Energy Administration in October 2016, the target of the amount of fuel ethanol in 2020 was set at 4 million tons. In 2017, the National Energy Administration also made it clear in the "2017 Energy Work Guidance Opinions" that the production scale and consumption area of biofuel fuel ethanol was appropriately expanded.

During the National Two Sessions of the country this year, several representative members also mentioned that, given that the fuel ethanol industry is of great significance for promoting the sustainable development of agriculture, improving the quality of the atmospheric environment, and adjusting the energy structure. It is hoped that the relevant departments will formulate the timetable and the timetable for promoting the strategy of fuel ethanol as soon as possible Action roadmap to speed up the promotion and application of fuel ethanol; Chen Xiwen, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, said that oil prices have risen, providing very good opportunities for the production of fuel ethanol. Du Ying, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and the former deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, suggested that while steadily expanding production capacity, we focus on expanding the car fuel ethanol market to cover key areas of air pollution prevention and control; According to the analysis of organizational management, my country has the conditions to comprehensively promote fuel ethanol.

Qiao Yingbin believes that it is currently the best time to expand the scale of fuel ethanol production. First, my country's corn inventory is 230 million tons, which provides sufficient raw materials for fuel ethanol. The marketization of corn prices is also conducive to reducing costs in manufacturers. Second, international crude oil prices have risen The third is that the tax rate of fuel ethanol has increased from 5%to 30%, effectively inhibiting the impact of imported products. These factors improve the enthusiasm of the fuel ethanol industry.

Qiao Yingbin also mentioned that during the "Thirteenth Five -Year Plan" period, my country's fuel ethanol industry focused on the development of second -generation non -grain cellulose fuel ethanol. Cellulose fuel ethanol would become a treasure of crop straw that was nowhere to be available every year. Reduce incineration pollution to provide a new technical approach to resource utilization.

During the interview, a reporter from the China Chemical Newspaper learned that at present, the key technologies of cellulose fuel ethanol production have made breakthroughs, and a number of commercial projects in the United States, Italy, Brazil, Canada and other countries have begun operation. my country's technical level in this field is basically synchronized with the international advanced level. Companies such as Henan Tianuan and Shandong Longli have built a 10,000 -ton demonstration device, which has a good operation effect, but has not yet achieved commercial operation. COFCO Biochemical has also completed the mid -500 tons/year trial, and developed 50,000 tons/year -old carbon toxan, carbon hexagonal sugar, and converted to the concrete ethanol.
Policies need to be promoted

Throughout the development of the fuel ethanol industry in the world, the driving force for the initial stage of policy determines whether the industry can develop rapidly. The United States is the world's largest production and consumption of fuel ethanol. The current annual output is 45.75 million tons. Even after the large -scale shale gas mining, fuel ethanol consumption has maintained a growth. This is mainly due to a set of relevant laws and regulations to escort it. In 2016, the subsidy policy of biofuel infrastructure of the US Department of Agriculture included $ 100 million subsidies, 1: 1 supporting investment, 200 million US dollars infrastructure investment, newly added 5,000 ethanol refueling pumps, and 1,400 gas stations.

"'Thirteenth Five -Year Plan' is the critical period of the development of the fuel ethanol industry in my country. The focus of the industry is to develop the second -generation cellulose fuel ethanol and promote its industrialization. At the beginning of the fiber fuel ethanol, long -term stable, effective and effective Policies will directly determine the speed and quality of industrial development. "Qiao Yingbin said.

In fact, my country has clearly proposed the development of cellulose fuel ethanol since 2006. The National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration, and the Ministry of Science and Technology have clarified the goals and requirements of developing cellulose fuel ethanol in multiple special plans. At the same time, in response to the problem of straw burn and comprehensive utilization, relevant state departments have issued the "Notice to further accelerate the comprehensive utilization of straw" and "Technical Catalog of Comprehensive Utilization of Stake", etc., and clearly use the development of cellulose fuel ethanol as an important starting point Essence

"Although there are many support policies, they are not targeted and lack of long -term stability. Especially in the background of relatively low international oil prices, the prominent advantages of the comprehensive utilization of the cellulose fuel ethanol project in the comprehensive utilization of straw are difficult to play." Qiao Yingbin pointed out.

To this end, Qiao Yingbin suggested that in order to promote the rapid and healthy development of my country's cellulose fuel ethanol industry, it is necessary to establish an industrial development incentive mechanism under policy support, mobilize and guide the enthusiasm of all parties, and strive to create a good development environment. In terms of development planning, the development policy and special planning of cellulose fuel ethanol industry should be formulated; in terms of industry access, the raw material supply plan for non -grain fuel ethanol projects is clarified; in the industrial layout , Intensive and group development roads; in terms of financial and taxation support, clear and stable prices, taxes, finance, investment and other support policies should be formulated, taxation for non -grain fuel ethanol is imposed. After returning, the fortar fuel ethanol quota subsidy standards and policies are introduced as soon as possible.

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