• Ethanol gasoline is still difficult to attach importance to the road of promotion

Ethanol gasoline is still difficult to attach importance to the road of promotion

In recent years, my country’s haze has been the way. In order to improve the quality of air, the government has actively introduced various governance measures. As far as my country ’s national conditions are concerned, as a holder in the world’ s car production and sales, car tail gas is one of the important sources of pollution that causes haze. The focus of the policy is also revolved around the exhaust of automobile exhaust. In order to effectively control the exhaust emissions of automobiles, on the one hand, the state has continuously promoted the quality upgrade of oil products. It is expected that the refined oil products will be adopted on January 1, 2017; on the other hand, new energy vehicles are highly valued and the development speed has accelerated; In addition to the above two key levels, ethanol gasoline has recently returned to people’s vision.

The use of ethanol gasoline is one of the ways to reduce exhaust emissions

Ethanol gasoline is a new alternative energy source formed by the fuel ethanol and ordinary gasoline mixed in a certain proportion of grain and various plant fibers. According to national standards, ethanol gasoline is blended with 90%of ordinary gasoline and 10%fuel ethanol. Compared with ordinary gasoline, the content of carbon monoxide using ethanol gasoline can be reduced by 2/3. For example, the current amount of motor vehicles in Shanghai reached 3 million vehicles. If ethanol gasoline is fully promoted, the amount of carbon dioxide discharged by tail gas is equivalent to 2 million vehicles using ordinary gasoline. Therefore, using ethanol gasoline is also an important way to reduce tail gas pollution. Method.

Texas and Zhanjiang, Shandong and Guangdong joined the army of ethanol gasoline
In early December, in order to adjust the energy structure and help improve the atmospheric environment, the Legal Affairs Office of the Shandong Provincial Government announced the “Measures for the use of Vehide Eller Passenger Eleneol gasoline (Revised Draft for Revised Draft)”, and proposed in Jinan, Zaozhuang, Tai’an, Jining, Linyi , Texas, Liaocheng, and 8 sets of cities in the municipalities in 8 sets of districts in Heze promoted the use of car gasoline for car gasoline. Among them, Texas was newly added. It is decided by the Provincial People’s Government to promote the use of car gasoline for use in other administrative areas. Zhanjiang City, Guangdong plans to promote ethylene gasoline from March 2016.

9 provinces are pilot areas

In fact, the promotion of ethanol gasoline has been promoted for more than ten years. As early as 2002, the initial pilot work began. Some cities in the three northeast provinces and the five major agricultural provinces in Shandong and Henan have promoted ethanol gasoline. In the year, the use of ethanol gasoline increased to 9 provinces. Among them, the five provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Henan, and Anhui were piloted in the province, and Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, and Hubei were piloted in some areas in the province.

The market share of disadvantages gradually shrinks

After the local promotion of ethanol gasoline, due to the lack of power and corrosiveness, there are a lot of voices that do not agree with society, resulting in poor sales, coupled with the disadvantages of higher costs, with the relaxation of supervision and the upgrading of the quality of refined oil, the quality of refined oil products is upgraded. The scope of the use of ethanol gasoline is getting smaller. According to relevant statistics, the current consumption of ethanol gasoline in Shandong Province accounts for less than 10%of the total.

Nine provinces using ethanol gasoline were fully promoted in the first two years of supervision, but then the inspection was reduced. In addition, ethanol gasoline needs to be purchased from the main business. With Sinopec, PetroChina and Shandong Refined gasoline spreads, the spread of gasoline prices has been widened. The retail profits of social gas stations have been significantly reduced, and the market acceptance is poor. Therefore, most of them have turned to Shandong to purchase high -clean gasoline. Since 2008, only the main gas stations have continued to sell ethanol gasoline. Promoting the main wholesale of ethanol gasoline has been impacted the most, and the amount of exports has been greatly reduced. According to Golden and Silver Island, some units in Shandong and Henan have stated that the wholesale volume is reduced by 30-4 %.

Large -scale promotion requires relevant policy support

Promoting ethanol is an important measure to improve environmental quality, but large -scale promotion is still difficult. The first is that the two main business is the main procurement channel of ethanol gasoline. Under the lack of market competition, the price of ethanol gasoline is at a high level and will directly reduce the profits of the sales users of ethanol gasoline. The second is that many consumers still do not recognize ethanol gasoline.

As the state’s importance to the atmospheric environment is getting higher and higher, the supervision of the refined oil market will be stricter in the later stage. In response to the misunderstanding of end users’ understanding of ethanol gasoline, if the government improves publicity, the corresponding expansion of the public’s awareness of ethanol gasoline. In addition, the transformation from a closed promotion to an open type has made ethanol gasoline market -oriented, and a reasonable financial subsidy is given, thereby increasing the market share of ethanol gasoline.

Post time: Mar-15-2023