• Congratulations to the success of dehydration ethanol to break down 60PPM downward

Congratulations to the success of dehydration ethanol to break down 60PPM downward

Shandong jinta machinery group co., ltd was built by Jilin Province Xintianlong Industrial Co., Ltd. to invest about 130 million yuan, 100,000 tons/year -old aquatic ethanol project EPC general contracting project was completed on September 25, 2022, and was completed on September 25, 2022, and was completed on September 25, 2022, and on October 4th Produced qualified water -free ethanol.

The results of the trial production show that the water -free ethanol produced on October 7 is ≤60 ppm, which is much higher than that of relevant national and industry standards (ultra -pure electronic ethanol water content ≤ 100 ppm). The water -free ethanol products of this project are based on the need for high -speed expansion of the supply of lithium battery electrolyte EMC markets. Core technology breaks through the industry’s technical barriers and is at the international leading level. Intersection According to the current patented literature and research documents, various manufacturers use ethanol as a solvents to create metal plating or silicon materials such as iron-cobalt-nickel-tin and other silicon materials for lithium batteries to improve the reversible ratio and cycle stability of the lithium battery Essence The solvents of lithium batteries are carbonate, ethyl carbonate, and ethylene. At the same time, according to research papers, the concentration of ethanol directly affects the uniformity of lithium iron phosphate metal coating.

During the latest lithium battery industry’s negative electrode material manufacturing process, the ethanol (80%ethanol aqueous solution) used in the lithium battery industry is solvents to dissolve metal oxalic acid; The concentration requirements for ethanol metal ions and anionic ions they are used are very high. According to the currently mastered negative material manufacturing literature, the ethanol solution used should be at least or more or more High SE level.

At present, EL grade (cationic concentration 100ppb) ethanol, super alcohol -free ethanol (approximately 8300 ~ 8500 yuan/ton) produced by raw materials basically meets the requirements. -S (SE) level of 40,000 yuan/ton.

According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2021, the domestic lithium battery output was 324GWh. In the first half of 2022, the domestic lithium battery production was 280GWh and the production volume of negative electrode materials was 550,000 tons. Demand is very strong.

In addition, Zhongke Tianyuan also has two sets of water -free ethanol projects used in the lithium battery industry. 40,000 tons/year -old water -free ethanol device refined contract signed with Ningxia Baofeng Energy Storage Materials Co., Ltd. and cooperated with China Chemical Engineering 11th Construction Co., Ltd. Essence

These contracts have opened the application market of ethanol products in the field of lithium battery electrolyte in lithium battery, and opened up a new energy business growth point. We believe that with the maturity of the company’s technology and the demonstration effect of the above projects, it will attract more and more customers and bring new orders.

Overseas business progress

The epidemic has gradually returned to normal. Thailand, Indonesia, and Myanmar projects that have been suspended for a long time are gradually returning to implementation. Overseas business expansion has also begun to resume normal. At present cooperate.

Post time: May-12-2023